Beyond the borders

Participatory art project
Marseille, 2018
Beyond Borders is a participatory artistic proposal that sought to explore and inquire the notion of border. In times of migratory crisis, precisely at a critical moment in which migratory discourses tend to radicalize at a global level, I proposed developing a collective action through a game called “Beyond the borders” in which passers-by, attending a circuit of open workshops and people from different contexts of the city of Marseille, were able to intervene a cartography, through drawings, writings, narrations and express their own notions of border there. This action invited us to participate and reflect together on the preconceived ideas we have about borders, seeking to imagine and project ideas either to cross those borders or, on the contrary, to lift them. For two days, this action was carried out, which brings together multiple views and interpretations of what border means in a broad sense, on a physical, symbolic, poetic, political level, etc.

This project was part of an artistic residency in Dos Mares, Marseille, France, thanks to a reward from the IDARTES District Institute of Arts, 2018.

Dos Mares web site, program of International Art Residencies: