Intervenciones en Saint-Denis Web site: "Saint-Denis échelle".

Intervention in Saint-Denis

Public art project
Paris, 2011
The Jean Jaurès square in the Saint-Denis area of Paris transforms completely at 1pm every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. After the market closes, the enormity of garbage, waste, cardboard boxes and plastic bags stagnate for a few minutes, until the arrival of the city cleaners. This moment in time generates a particular image of the landscape of the place, making clear the track in time of prior human activity.
"La Trace du temps" is a video made for the project: "Saint-Denis échelle". It was part of a program of interventions in the public space of the city of Saint-Denis. Saint-Denis échelle was headed by Gwenola Wagon, as part of an art workshop called: "Territory and locative media" at University Paris 8.