"The dessert tour". Video. 2:51. 2003.

The dessert tour

Public art project / Made by Colectivo Barbatruco
Bogotá, 2003
The Dessert Tour was an exchange of ideas with the university community, to talk about what we think about our university as a physical and symbolic space. During the Tour, we explored the university campus on foot with a car full of desserts cooked by ourselves and used them as a communications bridge between with the university community (students, teachers, employers). Four tours were carried out for this experience. The firsts Tours attempted to interact with the internal community, and the last one was developed outside of the campus, and looked for the external point of view of the citizens by asking about the image of the university.
Project made by Colectivo Barbatruco, composed by: Alexandra Cadena, Adriana De La Cuadra, Victoria Tapias and Laura Morales. Sponsored by the Cultural Department of the National University of Colombia. This project appeared in the XXXI Francisco Antonio Cano Art Exhibition. Bogotá. 2004.