Participatory art project - Drawing and sound art
Bogotá, 2015-16
Displacement is an art project that emerge from an interest of thinking about forced displacement in Colombia, due to armed conflict, as a phenomenon that has affectet the lives of many groups of people and now becomes fundamental to treat in the process to not forget.
I focus my interest in a document entitled: Life Stories, a collection of testimonies of people displaced from their territories, following the armed conflict afflicting our country, conducted by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and the International Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). I focus my work in 10 stories recovering the memory and the spirit that lies behind these life experiences. This project is made through drawing and sound recordings by a participatory experience. On the one hand we found a series of cartographic maps that recreate the journeys made by the protagonists of these stories. A documentary work joins meanwhile, compiling voices recorded in audio by the exercise of reading aloud with heterogeneous groups, recalling fragments of such testimony, by involving others, reflecting on the imaginary and intimate stories of victims people in the conflict. Thus, sound recordings and mapping, set a installation made by a procedural work.