Second sample of art interventions in universitary spaces

Public Art and Cultural Management project
Made by Colectivo Barbatruco
Bogotá, 2005
The essence of this project was to experience the university spaces to understand their special dimensions and active communitarian practice. We call for proposals the most important art schools in the city, to think about the university space from the point of view of contemporary artistic practices, focusing in particular on the way students and recent graduates live, experiment and enliven their own spaces through their art. This cultural event was performed by artistic interventions (public art works) in different university campus; one exhibition in the National University Art Museum composed by proposed interventions (utopist projects, art public ideas, etc.), one compilation of critical essays, conferences, workshops, activities and guided tours.
Project made by Colectivo Barbatruco, composed by: Alexandra Cadena, Adriana De La Cuadra, Victoria Tapias and Laura Morales, presented as part of our degree in Fine Arts. Executed at Art Museum National University of Colombia, National University, Javeriana University, Andes University, Jorge Tadeo Lozano University and Superior Arts Academy of Bogotá.