Venice in America

Participative art project / Made by Colectivo Barbatruco
Bogotá, 2003
We made an exchange with some inhabitants of Venecia's neighborhood, located in the south of the city of Bogotá. They told us about people who were very important for them who had moved abroad. In exchange, we gave them a painting to remind them of this person and their story. In this way we wove a very special trust relationship with these people by talking about a situation that thousand of Colombians experience: migration. We finished this project by printing fifteen thousands postcards with images of the paintings and distributing them to the entire city. We also sent them to the protagonist of each story.
Project executed by Colective Barbatruco, composed by: Alexandra Cadena, Adriana De La Cuadra, Victoria Tapias and Laura Morales. It was part of the 5th Biennal of International Art in Venice, Bogotá. This project was exhibited in the Venecia's Community Center and in the Cultural Center Andrés Bello, Bogotá.