Video of Workshop: «Imaginary of immigration». Video 4:32. 2013.

Taller artístico en IWC-CTI-Montreal Workshop: «Mapping migrations» at IWC-CTI-Montreal. 2013.

Workshop: «Imaginary of immigration»

Participatory activity at S.L. Adult Education
Montreal, 2013
"Imaginary of immigration" was an activity developed with students from an Adult English school in Montreal, Canada. Given that the students in the class were of foreign origin, I invited them to draw a line to illustrate the path taken from their home to Montreal, where they currently reside. The lines that are drawn here are the routes taken by these individuals along visual mapping on our world map.
Workshop given as part of the Imaginarium art project, at S.L. Adult Education.

Workshop: «Mapping migrations»

Participatory activity at IWC-CTI-Montreal
Montreal, 2013
Through a series of activities based in the visual arts, storytelling and physical play, the workshop "Cartographies de migration / Mapping migrations" sought to engage with our individual experiences as they relate to a global vision of migration. The map indicates our places of origin. Maps also visualise for us the migrations we have embarked on to arrive at where we are at today. By getting closer to our own experiences of immigration, this workshop was an invitation to reflect on situations that affect so many people. This workshop invited participants to feel, to reflect on their own experiences, to engage with different questions around immigrating to Canada, by way of playfulness through our hands and towards visual creations.
Workshop given in the framework of the "Migrant Voices: Art, Activism and Intervention", at the Immigrant Workers Centre (CTI) of Montreal. Directed by: Urled Combas and Laura Morales. It was part of the Imaginarium project.